Other services

Our services are designed to help businesses and people be successful. So you know who you are dealing with, here's a little about us:

Our business skills ~ Management and Marketing

We started offering key business services after many years experience in the IT industry with IBM. Our strong business background coupled with our creative flair ensures that you will get professional and innovative help.

Our design skills ~ Website design and content management

Our design skills include HTML and Flash, Animation, Image enhancement, Content writing and Wordsmithing, Email and Webmail Setup, Domain Name and Website Hosting, Content-management and Search Engine Optimisation.

Our imagination, creativity and wordpower

We pride ourselves on creating distinctive and unique websites. We are always full of ideas but we are also clear thinkers and skilled wordsmiths. Joined-up thinking, clear vision and effective wordpower are amongst our most useful talents.

We are helpful by nature. ~ with passion and enthusiasm

We love to help businessess and people become succesful. Creating websites is part of that process, but we can also create strategic plans and business plans, write winning bids and proposals, help with career choices and write cv's and cover letters.

Business Planning

We can help you interpret and clarify your vision, goals, and desires for your company. Then, we will transform them into a working set of documents, including financial projections for your business.

C.V. Writing

We can help you write a great c.v. and a cover letter. This can sometimes be even more important than the c.v. It will actually “sell” the reader on the idea of reading your c.v. so they will want to contact you for an interview.

Bids and Proposals

We have the know-how to write winning bids and proposals. We write professional and compelling bids that will improve your chances of winning. For smaller companies with no dedicated bid resource this can often be the key to business growth and expansion.

Career support

We offer high quality and realistic career counseling services for students, graduates and career changers. This includes help with the development of personal plans of action and the identification of interests, skills and abilities.